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Welcome to Femmunition

Femmunition aims to guide women through the world of weight training and good nutrition to get you to the shape you want to be.

We brought Femmunition into the world to help women understand how weight training is the most effective way of managing your weight and shape.  It’s a personal mission – read here about the creator’s vision.

Our method is simple: we follow the Femmuntion Pyramid which shows you the combination of the three elements which will get you to where you want to be which are weights, cardio and nutrition.

We share our knowledge on weight training and nutrition to give you the power to burn fat and arm yourself with the right information.  You’ll also be empowered with our Social Media updates and online community to help you achieve the body you have always wanted.

 Femmunition aims to be your guide to achieve your own goals so join us in the world of weight training and begin experiencing the benefits it will bring.  Our website brings you a guide of how to weight train including a dedicated YouTube channel, what to eat and we’ll keep you regularly updated with our online Social Media tools.

Our dedicated Femmunition YouTube Channel shows you how to perform weight training exercises safely and soundly


We have now launched a new Shop here at Femmunition.  We sell a range of services for all your Training, Nutritional and Motivation needs to help you get to the shape you want to be.  Click here to go to our new online store!

Our Goals….


Femmunition will:

  • Explain why strength training is the ideal type of exercise for burning fat
  • Show you how to weight train by giving you Training Plans and showing you our YouTube Channel 


Femmunition will:

  • Explain the impact of diet as part of the Femmunition Pyramid 
  • Explain what you should be eating as part of a clean and high protein diet
  • Provide an example Diet Plan  so you can get started right away
  • Give you a Recipe Book which includes a number of recipes to make you food enjoyable


Femmunition will:

  • Explain why strength training is the best form of exercise for getting you to the shape you want to be
  • Dispel the myths surrounding muscle gain in women – you will not get big and bulky!!!