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About Femmunition

Why did we bring Femmunition into the world?


Hello and welcome to Femmunition from me, the editor and website founder, Zoe Edwards


“I’ve brought Femmunition into the world as a guide for women who want to get into the shape they want to be.  Femmunition is not here to talk about extreme dieting, not here to insist you are in the gym 2 hours a day, every day.  Instead, we are here to get women into weight training to burn fat, build lean muscle and get you the shape you thought was impossible to achieve.

I’ve been into weights ever since meeting a strength trainer and I could not believe what they allowed me to achieve.  Weight training is simply not what you think it is and I’m here to dispel the myths, teach others what I have learned and show people what to do.  I enjoy my food, I enjoy a glass of wine and I’m no extremist.  I’m a full time career driven worker in a normal job with minimal spare time and housework to do on the weekend.  What I do enjoy though is having a figure I never thought possible and never having to diet myself crazy to achieve it.

What my website aims to do is educate you into the world of weights, what to do and give you instruction on a healthy diet – and we don’t mean a starvation diet, we mean diet as in what you should be eating more of but still having what you fancy occasionally.

Femmunition’s Goals are:

- To educate on how to weight train with demonstration videos through our dedicated YouTube Channel and Training Plans

- To educate on how to eat by understanding your goals, why a high protein diet works and how much you should be eating depending on your aims

- To provide interesting high protein interesting recipes you don’t feel like you are missing out on tasty and interesting foods

- To educate on why weight training is the ideal exercise for fat burning and what it won’t do – it won’t make you big and bulky and we aim to dispel those myths!

Why?  Because weight training is a big secret and this knowledge needs to be shared with other women so they understand the benefits and why is should feature as part of your exercise routine!”


Massive loves,

Zoe xxx