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    How To Treat Sensitive Teeth At Home?

    There are plenty of reasons due to which you get stains on your teeth. Once this happens, removing stains become absolutely necessary. Some reasons are as under;

    • Many of us begin the day with a cup of coffee.

    • Many of us have several cups of beverages throughout the day during work. It is noteworthy to mention that coffee, tea and other beverages make your teeth yellow. Apart from this, poor brushing can also make them yellow.

    • Consumption of tobacco also causes discoloration on your pearly whites.
    Removing stains from teeth are possible with a little work.

    • Climatic conditions, hereditary reasons, infections and a high dosage of antibiotics can result in discoloring. However, the fact remains that irrespective of the cause, discoloration warrants proper medical attention and treatment. These whitening remedies give the correct solution to the actual problem.

    • Consulting the dentist can help you overcome the problem.
    There are some simple ways of treating the problem at home.

    • A pinch of table salt mixed with a little vinegar and baking soda is quite effective in removing the discoloration.

    • Another medicine for the problem is a homemade whitening powder made of dry rinds of orange and a few leaves of basal. These whitening kits made by leading companies in dental care industry provide good relief to people with discoloration. These kits contain products made from the same formula that dentists are used worldwide. Some of these kits are so popular that several million kits have been sold over decades. Some of the kits contain many times more gel than other kits that are in lesser demand. Moreover, the shelf life of some of these kits is two years, which is a distinct advantage in removing stains from teeth. The gels in these kits make them several shades whiter. It is heartening to note that the whitening process takes less than two weeks.

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