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Good nutrition is all about filling, healthy and nutritious food.  Femmunition will guide you with what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat – as well as giving you some interesting recipes to keep meal times interesting.

What do we mean by Nutrition?

Don’t let the word ‘diet’ fill you with dread!  Diet simply refers to what you eat although as of late, it’s become synonymous with starvation and hunger.  Femmunition does not mean this when we talk about diet.  We never go hungry and don’t expect you to either!  When we talk about diet, we are talking about a High Protein, filling, nutritious and varied diet.

Why is Diet Important at Femmunition?

Well, we have a little pyramid here to explain.  The Femmunition Food Pyramid.  What we are showing you here is this:

Training + Nutrition = Weight and Shape

That’s it.  No tricks.  It’s FACT.



Diet plays the biggest factor in getting you to the shape you want to be.  Unless you are training several hours a day, if you don’t plan out your diet then nothing will change.  The Femmunition Pyramid shows you that ‘diet’ is the bulk of managing you weight and shape, weights to build lean muscle comes second and lastly, some cardiovascular exercise is important to keep your heart ticking over nicely.

What Should I Eat?

This part is simple. A high protein diet clean diet which encompasses carbohydrates, fat and your greens.  Remember, FAT doesn’t make you…well…FAT!  Excessive calories makes you fat.  So you need to get it right.  To make it simple, we’ve listed the recommended foods to eat:

Protein – lean meats such as chicken breast, turkey, beef fillet steak. Fish (oily fish such as salmon and mackerel in moderation) such as cod, tuna, haddock. Egg whites, whey protein powder and fat free diary such as cottage cheese, 0% Fat Greek Style yogurt.

Carbohydrates – Wholemeal pasta, wholemeal rice, sweet potatoes, wholemeal bread, rye bread.

Fats – Olive oil, natural butter (yes proper butter), coconut oil, avocado oil, egg yolks.

Roughage – green fibrous vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, asparagus, okra.

How Much Should I Eat?

Calorie time.  Okay, well first you need to determine whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight and firm up or gain weight. As a general rule, you need to be averaging a protein intake equivalent to 25 to 40 percent of your total daily calories from protein. A high protein diet is essential to those aiming to lose fat and build lean tissue muscle. Why?  Because the more muscle you have, the more efficient you are at burning fat.

Choose your aim:

  • Lose weight – 1,400 – 1,500 calories a day
  • Maintain weight, lose fat – 1,500 – 2,000 calories a day
  • Gain weight – 2,000 + calories a day

Calculating an individuals calories needs is not easy so the approach here is keep your diet consistent and weigh and measure yourself on a weekly basis. You need to up or lower your calories by checking on your progress each week.

Keep a Food Diary to track your calorie and protein intake (there are some great Apps out there these days) and weigh and measure yourself once a week to monitor progress. Remember – this is not all about weight though – muscle weighs heavier than fat so measuring yourself with a tape measure is the best way forward. Here you can find a guide for measuring yourself in the best possible way.

Do This For Success

Write out a food plan and keep a diary of what you eat and make it consistent as possible every day.

Break down your meals into 5 meals a day, each including a 25g serving of lean protein at a time.

Ensure to include carbohydrates, good fats and roughage in your diet keeping it consistent each week and not going above your calorie intake.

On a training day, as soon as possible after training have a whey protein shake after your work out.  A 25g serving will suffice.

Example Diet Plan Here

To help you along the route to weight and shape happiness, we’ve devised a Diet Plan to help you along the way.

Remember, diet is not a one size fits all.  Try this plan for a couple of weeks and see what progress you make.  Measure yourself and weight yourself and tweak it accordingly.  Just make sure you get a protein hit for each and every meal.  Keep it simple.  It really works!!!


Femmunition tofu rice-4


See our online Recipe Book to give you some interesting ideas for tasty meals!


Cheat Meal

We know that life can get in the way of a healthy diet plan. Everyone needs a time out now and again but it doesn’t have to impact on your goals.

A number of health experts in the industry also advocate the use of cheat meal on the theory that your body can adapt to its general nutrition and begin to adjust the amount of insulin required in your body to regulate your blood sugar.

Therefore Femmunition recommend a cheat meal once a week so you can have a little of what you fancy and keep your head in check.

By having a cheat meal once a week, it has been suggested that it ‘shocks’ your body and resets any metabolism adaptation and allows it to keep on working it’s merry way.



A lot of people always ask about protein shakes and if they are any good for you. The simple answer to this is that they are a handy source of protein but use them primarily as either a supplement or a replacement for a meal if you run out of time to eat!  Most us have busy lives and it’s not always practical to eat five meals a day so they can be handy for those times you are on the go. We at Femmunition always advise that you take a protein shake for after a weights workout as it will feed those muscles you’ve worked out quickly but they can also be a bit of a life saver for times you are on the go and don’t have access to your food! Some of our favourite brands which sell high quality and effective protein powder include MyProtein and PowerBar.