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Example Diet Plan

An example diet plan is just a guide to show you what a typical day would consist of for those looking to build lean tissue muscle to burn off excess fat.  It is important to note, when we talk about ‘diet’, we don’t mean a starvation diet…. here it is about what you eat and making sure you eat enough of it!  Some people are looking to lose weight, some maintain it and some gain it so you need to calculate your calories accordingly.  As long as you are getting enough protein, tweak your carbohydrate calories to achieve what you want, whether that is weight loss, maintenance or gain.


The below diet is less than 1,300 hundred calories so if you are below your 1,400 – 1,500 mark, have a small item in addition such as a piece of fruit or a little more carbohydrate to get you up.  Everyone is different so make sure you write everything down to adjust your calorific intake appropriately.  Remember to consult your doctor before undertaking any specific diet plan – especially if you are pregnant or have had any specific medical problems.  

Meal Food Total Calories Total Protein Total Carbohydrate Total Fat
Meal 1
40g of Porridge Oats cooked with water and 1 teaspoon of honey. 1 Scoop of whey protein (25g Protein Serving amount) 248 25g 25.5g 4.8g
Meal 2
2 Turkey and Egg Protein Muffins (Recipe Here) 156 29g 5.4g 1.2g
Meal 3
125g of cooked chicken breast grilled, no skin.   Spinach and onion salad, 100g of cooked brown rice, tsp of olive oil, teaspoon of balsamic vinegar 291 27g 23g 8.7g
Meal 4
Tin of tuna in springwater 140 32.6g 0 0.4g
Meal 5
The Ultimate Protein Steak Dinner (Recipe Here) 341 40.8g 20g 11.4g
Post Work Out Protein Shake
Your favourite brand of Whey Protein 110 25g 7 1.3g

Total Calories


Total Protein


Total Carbohydrate


Total Fat