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Training Plans

We’ve created an eight week training plan, designed specifically for beginners to the world of weights.  The idea is to follow the first training plan for the first four weeks, before moving on to the next four weeks.  Rinse and repeat!

Each training plan is printable so take a copy with you to the gym.

Training Plan Weeks 1 – 4


Training Plan Weeks 5 – 8




Okay, so there a few bits of terminology to understand – here are some key explanations:

Repetitions (Reps) – this simply means carrying out the movement.  So if the exercise states 10 Reps of Squats, it means you squat 10 times. 


Set – this refers to the complete number of repetitions.  I.e. 10 reps = 1 set.  So if the exercise states to do 3 Sets of 10 Squats, it means you squat 10 times, rest and then repeat another two times.  


Cardio – This refers to Cardiovascular exercise.  All we mean by this is some form of activity which gets your heart working – it’s a muscle too and needs it’s exercise!  You can choose from dancing, running, cross training – anything that gets that heart rate raised and it doesn’t have to be too intense, just something to get the blood flowing.